Susan "I feel it's part of who I am to change perspectives Visually.”
how represented do you feel in the ‘current visual culture’.? 
"I don't compare myself to other people and younger generations 
         I am happy that I didn’t have the pressure that younger 
people have now on how to look.”
  "I notice much younger women are being used to promote skin products for older women. 
      “I love having a laugh with family and friends. A sense of humour is vital in life.  
My Baby grandson makes me smile.”
     "With regard to retail, at least as far as clothes are concerned, 
I am invisible. 
          The fashion aimed at over 50's women is stereotypical, and ‘one size fits all’. 
           There is no awareness that, at any age, we are individuals, and require the same range of fashion and choices as younger women."
Describe how you felt turning 50
“Turning 50 felt exciting and scary at the same time.”
       “Working in the fashion industry I’ve been inspired by the new look of diversity in age being introduced slowly but surely into advertising campaigns.”
Describe how you felt turning 50 
“No different and in my head I am 32ish and having fun.”
What worries you about the future?
“Health, losing friends and family, the art of conversation becoming extinct, the climate and corporate greed.”
What makes you smile?
“Small, everyday things make me smile, mainly funny Glaswegian comments on everyday things said by random strangers. 
Random acts of kindness do too.”
how represented do you feel in the ‘current visual culture’..?
“I don't really think about it, if anything I would probably joke about it. I'll have to take more notice in future!”
What really matters to you in your life?
“Family, health and good manners.”
What worries you about the future?
"I worry about the impact social media has on our younger generation. It puts so much pressure on them to be and look a certain way. I'm so glad I grew up when I did, it was hard enough being a teenager without the pressure they have now."
What makes you smile? 
“Knowing the people I care about are happy and safe. 
Hearing of their success and knowing they are well. 
Oh and of course Poppy!”
how represented do you feel 
in the “current visual culture”?
“More represented nowadays with all those 
fit and fabulous ladies of stage and screen 
who are turning 50 and shouting it loud!”

What worries you about the future? 
“Pre-coronavirus, losing people I love.  
Post-coronavirus, losing people I love and the vast poverty 
which is going to be created by this pandemic.”
how represented do you feel in the ‘current visual culture’.?  
“Social media relatively well represented - TV not so much, women of my age tend to be mothers or even grannies!? Increasingly the retailers I favour are using a wider range of age, ethnicity and sized models so that's improving, albeit slowly.”
What makes you smile? 
“Obviously funny things but the question is ‘smile’ and not ‘laugh’ so my answer would be memories.”
What worries you about the future? 
“Now Coronavirus, but was this a thing when you started your project??
What makes you smile?
             “Maisy the dog, and her unconditional love...she is always pleased to see me.”
What worries you about the future?
“The long term impact of covid19 on the global economy and the effect / impact this will have on my grandchildren’s lives.”
how represented do you feel in the ‘current visual culture’..? 
        “I think older women are represented well, however I do feel some in the media are often pressured into botox and cosmetic procedures & this has an influence on women generally not just those in their 50s. 
                      It would be nice to see more natural looking people on TV etc.”

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